Stoves offer a free standing focal point to any room.



Woodwarm offer a widerange of fires with a traditional look but with all the modern technology.

Their range of stoves can be your main heating source in your home with the option of a boiler, woodwarm have been developing their boilers for the last thirty years to meet the customers unique needs in their home.

Fireview range can be doublesided from the 4.5 kw upto 20 kw fire this offers a fantastic view from either side but still has the airwash technology and the riddingling grate.



The Woodwarm Fireview combines the virtues of all the Woodwarm stoves with the classic clean burn system, generating a clear and clean view of the fire at all times. The Fireview range also offwrs a wide range of boiler options ranging from 8,000 Btu for domestic hot water, right up to 53,000 Btu to heat the entire house. 



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